Manalo Project Logo designed by Anthony Manalo, web designer, graphic artist


I’m Anthony


I created my first website about my wedding, for my guests to get info, back in 2004. Ever since then, I have been making web pages for my friends, families, and clients. My formula for a great design is to make it with the same passion, care, and love as I did when I first started.


My recent projects

Your website is one of your most important marketing tools – make sure your web pages are up to date with the modern design trend. A dated look is not gonna cut it for you!


We are dedicated to creating beautiful and effective websites that meet our clients’ needs. We use innovative strategies to develop cutting-edge websites that exceed expectations. We strive to deliver superior customer service and provide ongoing support.


Manalo Project will be a sought-after provider of high-quality web design services, utilizing innovative approaches to create solutions that empower businesses to reach their goals.

What My customers Have to Say

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